Women in the IIAF

Before the Arabs invading Iran in the name of Islam and change Iranian Zoroastrian religion, Women played a major role in society.

Iran had Queens such as Pourandoukht and Azarmidoukht. one of the Commanders of Persian Navy was Artemis Iranian Women also were in charge in various levels of Armed Forces.
After the Arab’s invasion (around 600 AD) until early 1930 for almost 1400 Years Iraniain women due to Islamic regulations did not have a significant role in society.

During Pahlavi era (1930 -1979) Women became more and more involved in Iran. As early as 1933 (1312) Mrs. Marzieh Arfaee (Doctor) joined the Armed forces with the rank of Capt. and she became the first Woman with the rank of General in the Iranian military.
In 1935 (1314) Mrs. Ozra Asgar Gilani was the first woman in Imperial Iranian Air Force.
In 1939 (1318) a group of 9 women were enrolled in pilot training program in Iran and Mrs. Effat Tejaratchi became the first Woman to be given pilot license, (trained with Tiger Mouth).
The first Helicopter license was issued to Princes Fatemeh (Gen. Khatami’s Wife).
In 1966 (1345) the first series of women graduated from IIAF in several field such as Electronic, Radar, Medical, Air Craft Maintenance, Flight crew, Air Traffic Controllers and Communication.
The first Woman to become senior officer in IIAF was Maj. Parvaneh Noorvar (Doctor).

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