Air Training Command

فرماندهی آموزشهای هوائی

General Akbar Compani-Tabrizi
His contributions to IIAF were mainly in the areas of construction of air force bases, assessing the training needs of the IIAF personnel, and development and construction of the curriculum and training facilities to generate and maintain expert air force personnel.

General Compani was born in Tehran in 1295 (Shamsi) and entered the Daneshgahe Afsari of IIAF in 1318. In 1320 after graduation with a technical degree, he started working for IIAF at Mehrabad Pilot Training Center.
In 1338, General Compani started the construction of Vahdati Air Force Base in the Khoozestan province and in 1342 he developed the Shahrokhi Air Force Base in Hamedon. In 1343 he was appointed as the deputy commander of Air Training Center in Dushantapeh, which at the time had 200 air force trainees, and later that year he became the commander of the center. On 11/28/1357 when he was retired as Air Training Command and from IIAF, more than 23000 air force personnel were being educated in over 300 different specialties at this center.
General Compani died on 25/Day/1380 (January/15/2002) in Atlanta Georgia.